Our Story

By Geneviève Bellemare
Yves et Claudine
ST-GEORGES DE BEAUCE, QC—In Québec, Bon Samaritain Ministries is mul- tifaceted in its endeavours, and nurtures numerous projects. One of their goals is to be actively involved in the community, in a way that gains the trust of the people, thereby fostering receptivity to the gospel message of love.

Two of the founders, Yves Bellemare and his wife, Claudine Racicot, chose to dedi- cate their lives to Christ in April 1983. “God uniquely apprehends us, often making Himself known during the dark times of our lives, at our most vulnerable moment when we are most receptive to His mes- sage,” Yves says. “Once we bow the knee, that is when He can use us.
Baptême dans eau

“Often, the role that has been assigned to us is not the one we would have imag- ined,” he adds. “We find ourselves con- fronted by what we fear and what will demand from us our utmost. We must labour through prayer, supporting others and the sharing of our faith.”

This is what God asked of Yves, founder of Bon Samaritain Ministries, when his pastor proposed that he become the direc- tor of music of a church that had neither musicians nor musical instruments.
Matériel de la Ligue

Yves was again asked to push past his fears when his pastor asked him to teach a Bible lesson. In the past, his timid nature had prevented him from even making eye contact with others. Just as God transformed a shepherd into a king, a stuttering exile into Pharaoh’s confronter, a criminal into an apostle, He transformed Yves Bellemare into a ministry planter.

Before Yves’ conversion, as is the case with many Québécois, he was open to the idea of the existence of God and a spiritual world. He remembers, at the tender age of five, having his first astral travel experience, which fuelled his appetite for the occult and astrology. At the age of twelve, he bought these kinds of books by the dozen, filling his mind and his library with literature that often espoused contradictory theories. His thirst for knowledge was never quenched and his spiritual hunger never satisfied. He continued to experiment with the occult in search for answers to his questions.
Festival Famille en Forme

During his college years, he met Claudine Racicot. They were married and later desired to start their family. The birth of their first child brought great joy, but Claudine was discouraged at having to take her baby to a day-care centre because she had to go to work. One day this burden was so heavy on her heart that in anguish she cried out to God.
kiosque des fermiers chrétiens du Canada

A while later, Claudine’s brother, Michel, came by for a visit. He had recently given his life to Christ. Though he had stuttered since infancy, he now spoke with surpris- ing eloquence and confidence. With zeal, Michel answered Yves’ numerous ques- tions, each time finding verses in the Bible that he had recently begun to read. The gospel message did its work in the hearts of Yves and Claudine, so much so that Yves began to read the Bible.
Matériel des Éditions Samy

Later, Michel came by for another visit. During their conversation, inspired by the Holy Spirit, Michel took a Bible and threw it on the ground in front of the bookcase saying, “All that is on your shelves is noth- ing compared to what is in this book.” Yves and Claudine were speechless. They accepted Michel’s invita- tion to attend a church for the first time and gave their lives to Christ. Yves threw away his occult books and stopped engaging in astral travel. They had three children, knew joys and sorrows, failures and victories, but not once were they abandoned by God.
Matériel de la Samy Mobile

Despite having a limited budget and being a small team, the founders of Bon Samaritain Ministries have established the Québec subsidiary of the Pocket Testament League; the annual community fair, Famille en Forme, in the city of St-Georges de Beauce; the suicide prevention campaign, Choose to Live; Samy’s Publishing House and the Samy Mobile Library. They freely serve the community, teaching English and training children in soccer.Kiosque Choisis de Vivre

Their dream and determination inspired their son, Benjamin, to found the Triathètes association that brings together Christian athletes and also publishes the magazine Le Coureur (The Runner). The team also participates in the snow sculpture contest organized by the city. This gives the opportunity to share a mes- sage through the sculpture and distribute literature during the event.
Sculpture sur neige 2011

For each of these ministries, God has brought in the finances and the help of numerous motivated Christians from Europe, Africa, the US and Canada, who bless Québec and reach the hearts of those who have a spiritual thirst to know Jesus Christ.

The labourers of Bon Samaritain Ministries have experienced many trials during the past five years: suicide in the family, illness, persecutions, work difficulties and financial upheavals. Nevertheless, together they stand firm and continue the good fight.
Ministère Triathlètes
Benjamin Bellemare